Holiday Hearts
By Dina Smith
Jan 11, 2004 - 12:52:00 AM



Growing up an orphan, Hollie never had a family or friends to share the holidays with, so for her Christmas was just another lonely day. Hollie owned her own Bakery Shop in a mall where the owners, treated everyone like family. Hollie really liked Virginia Campbell so when they came up with the idea for a secret Santa week, for all the business owners, Hollie could not refuse.


Chris Campbell loved Christmas time. He looked forward to dressing up in his Santa suit and going out to meet all the children, and bring smiles to their faces without scaring them. This year was special though, he wanted to bring a real smile to Hollie’s face. So everyday when he brought her the gift from her secret Santa he would sit with her and talk for hours. The more Chris got to know Hollie, he began to fall in love with her but would she be able to love him in return when his mask was off.



Patrick could not believe his eyes when he opened his Christmas present. He knew Harry and Amos had good intentions but to kidnap a lady and bring her to the cabin to marry him, what were they thinking! Patrick O’Malley had no intention of marrying anybody. But they were stuck with each other, until the snow melted and the mountain pass cleared.


Amelia Shaunessy could not believe she had been kidnapped by these two sweet old men and now she was stuck here. Amelia had to get back to Deadwood and rescue her sister Rosalie, she was the only family Amelia had left. As the winter goes by, Amelia finds herself falling in love with Patrick and dreading the coming of spring, when he would take her back to Deadwood. Even though Patrick was in love with Amelia he refused to give in to his feelings. So Amos and Harry decided it was up to them to get these two stubborn people together.


A CAROL OF LOVE BY Elizabeth Delisi


Except for the child she was carrying Mara Parker was all alone in the world. She would never forget that night 9 months ago, when her father-in-law called and told her that her husband Stephen had been killed. Mara’s father-in-law had always hated her and demanded she move out of the house or he would have her evicted. With no where else to go Mara moved into the cabin that her and Stephen had bought before he was killed.


When Mara was woken up by someone knocking on her door, she opened it to find eyes as blue as Stephen’s looking back at her. When Doug Swanson introduced himself and told her he needed a place to stay, until the storm blew over, Mara was a little nervous but she could not send him out in the storm to freeze. As the days passed Mara grew to enjoy Doug’s company and help, she even dreaded the time when he would have to leave. When Doug started to grow more distant towards Mara, she suspected he had a secret that he was keeping from her, but she never dreamed that his secret could break her heart.


A CHRISTMAS FOR CAROL By Kathleen Culligan Techler


When Carol’s aunt Minnie asked Carol to house sit for her while she went on a cruise, Carol thought it would be the perfect Christmas vacation. No students, no snow, and no Christmas hassle or family to have to deal with. Little did Carol know that her aunt had volunteered her to deliver Meals on Wheels for the church.


When Carol meets Joe Tyler, who was helping at the church Christmas tree lot. Joe and Carol feel an instant attraction for each other. But when Joe’s grandma gets sick, Carol is afraid it is all her fault. Carol has to find the courage to tell Joe and hope that he can forgive her.


HOLIDAY HEARTS brought the true meaning of Christmas to life for me. Although the stories are short, there is enough love to bring the spirit of the holidays into any readers home.

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