Holiday Hearts 2

Author: Linda Bleser, Leta Nolan Childers, Elizabeth Delisi, Kathleen Culligan Techler

Publisher: DiskUs Publishing

Release Date: 2002

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Noelle Duffey had planned on spending the rest of her life married to her high school sweet heart and living in Florida. Noelle was born on Christmas eve and the holidays always seemed special for her. But when Noelle’s Fiancé left her at the alter on Christmas eve it spoiled Christmas for her forever. Noelle decided a change of scenery might help so she headed to a town called Christmas, Vermont.


When Noelle pulled up in front of Cranberry Manor where she rented an apartment, she was greeted by her handsome landlord Paul Simon. Paul has lived in Christmas his whole life and up until five years ago he loved to celebrate the season with the town. Five years ago his wife died and Christmas has never been the same for Paul. But since Noelle moved in, with her Christmas cheer and determination to have the perfect holiday, Paul is about to remember what Christmas is all about.

HOLIDAY HEAVEN OR HELL? By Leta Nolan Childers


Louise Grayson has worked at the State fish, and game department for the past fifteen years and she always went strictly by the rules. Even when the Commissioner, Jack Parks, tried to get her to grant special favors for his friend or political buddies. On her way home from work one day she accidentally hit’s a construction worker with her car.


Max Gleason was working as a construction worker part time until his suspension from the police force was up. He hated the job but it paid the bills and kept food in his kids mouth’s. Max was cleaning the Pylon’s when he slipped and was hit by a car. Feeling guilty Louise agrees to take care of Max while he recovers from his injuries. With a little help from Max’s children they all learn that sometimes, wishes do come true.




Chloe Lange had sworn off men forever, all they ever did was break your heart and leave. Chloe had learned that the hard way when her boyfriend left as soon as she told him she was pregnant. But that didn’t stop her from dreaming about Zack Martin, the gorgeous guy who came into her shop to buy a gift for his sister. When he asked her out for a cup of coffee, she decided she would go, it was just coffee after all. As Chloe and Zack were talking she told him about her daughter and he told Chloe about his sister Hope, who has downs syndrome. As Zack and Chloe spend more and more time together Chloe quickly falls in love with him. But when Zack sends Chloe yellow Roses and starts keeping secrets from her, Chloe starts to wonder if Zack, is too good to be true.




THE BAFFLING HOLIDAY MYSTERY takes you on an adventure with four people and two poodles. The story starts with Gayle Nelson who just opened her own grooming shop and Greg Holland a man who brought a poodle in to be groomed. While Greg is picking up his dog, Gayle gets a call from the hospital, telling her that her mom had been in an accident. Wanting to help Gayle out, Greg offers to take the other poodle, Pierre, home for her. When Greg stops at the vets to pick up Pierre’s medicine the dogs are stolen from his van.


When Carrie Carlson seen the two dogs in the van, she thought it was the same van that had been stealing dogs in the area. Carrie decided to rescue them. When Carrie got back to her apartment and called the police she discovered the dognapper had already been caught. Uncertain of what to do she asked Chuck the manager of her apartment complex for help.


As these 4 people try to save the poodles, they learn that sometimes; you find love in the strangest ways.


HOLIDAY HEARTS 2 is the second anthology written by these same four authors and just as good as the first. Any reader who loves the holidays will love reading these four stories that bring the spirit of Christmas into your heart.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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