Holiday Heat
By Bea Sigman
Jan 1, 2005 - 1:30:00 PM

If Kate Swanson could have avoided it, she would not have gone back to her mountain hometown in North Carolina. But her grandmother was having surgery to determine if she had breast cancer and Kate would be by her side no matter what. It had been two years since she left home for Columbia, South Carolina and returning was going to be very difficult. Not just because she may run into her ex-fiancée Kyle, who she knew would want answers for why she ran out on him all those years ago with no explanation. She still loved Kyle with all her heart, but his father’s threat kept her away for the sake of her grandparents and for Kyle.

The last person Kyle Graham expected to see was Kate. It had been two years since she left with no explanation and returning the engagement ring via mail. Kyle still wanted answers, especially since he still loved her. So when his dog Rowdy fell and broke his leg, with no other vet nearby to help, he went to get Kate without a second thought.

As much as they try to deny it, the love and desire they felt for each other two years ago was still as strong as ever. But they still had much to overcome before they could live happily ever after. Kate knew that Kyle’s father kept her from being happy with Kyle, she just wish she could tell him. And Kyle, he still wants answers as to why she left, but will he be happy with the answer that Kate gives him? Will a father’s blackmail still keep these lovers apart?

Fiona Neal definitely heats up your holiday with this soul-gripping romantic tale of true love torn apart. Your heart will bleed for both Kyle and Kate because they both love each other so much, but circumstances kept them apart. HOLIDAY HEAT is a wonderfully written romantic tale that is perfect to read anytime of the year. I hope that Ms. Neal writes Kate’s friend, Pat’s story. She was a fun character who proved to be an excellent friend to Kate.

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