Holiday Inn
By Angel
Dec 1, 2005 - 8:34:00 PM

Jesse Proffitt lost his son in an accident over a year ago and is on the road traveling when he runs into a freak snowstorm.  He accepts a ride from a woman also traveling and finds himself stuck there for the Christmas holiday.  The woman who gave him the ride is out of luck since he got the last room and with nowhere to go, he asks her to share his room.  Things heat up and before he knows it, he is seeing his life in a whole new light.

Anna Shea is on her way to her sister’s house for Christmas when she gets caught in a snowstorm.  When she sees a strange man on a motorcycle, she thinks he’s the sexiest thing she’s seen in a long time.  Later on the road he becomes stranded and she gives him a ride to the nearest hotel.  Of course, her car stalls and she’s stuck with nowhere to go since he got the last available room.  When he offers to share, Anna knows she’s in major trouble.  Can she resist the sexy stranger?


HOLIDAY INN is a great story about second chances and finding love when you least expect it.  I think this story is full of drama and tragedy that makes the reader feel the emotions right along with the characters.  Anna is impulsive and kind, while Jesse is fighting his own demons from the past.  There are instant fireworks when they meet and the reader knows they will make a good match.  Shelby Reed has done a wonderful job of penning a plot full of emotion and passion.

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