Holiday Magic

Author: Fern Michaels, Cathy Lamb, Mary Carter, Terri DuLong

Publisher: Zebra Books

Release Date: November 01, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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HOLIDAY MAGIC by Fern Michaels

To put the past with her abusive ex-husband behind, single mother Stephanie Marshall decides to make a fresh start for her and her two daughters in the snowy hills of Colorado. There she takes up a job as a ski-shop manager and things begin to heat up with her boss, Eddie O’Brien. After a few dates however, he becomes distant. After a terrible loss in his past, he hasn’t allowed anyone to get close to him. Eddie enjoys time with Samantha and her girls much more than he thought he would and comes to terms with his reservations. Now he he’ll have to find a way to prove himself to Samantha and earn her forgiveness. The magical lights of Christmas may light up hearts, as well, for the two this season.


After losing a leg in a terrible car accident as a teenager, Meredith Ghirlandaio has never felt desirable. Not one to care for pity, she patched herself emotionally as she healed outwardly and focused on pursuing her career. When her wayward sister abandons her children, Meredith gives up her career as a chef in New York and settles for running a B&B in the foothills of Montana. When handsome rancher Logan Taylor determinedly tries to win her, over Meredith finds herself warming up to him despite her reservations about romance. Yet, to get close to Logan would mean having to reveal her scars from the past, and chance his desire turning to sympathy. Will the spirit of the holidays bring the two their happily ever after?


For most, the Christmas season is a wonderful magical time of the year. For Tara Lane, it’s a close second to getting a root canal. She dreads her perky sister, Nadine’s, Mrs. Clause transformation and commando attitude of all of the must dos on her Christmas list. When she gets bitten by a reindeer and lands a trip to Maui Tara thinks she finally found the excuse she needs to go it alone and trade in eggnog for some tropical drinks in the sun. Lacey plans are shot when the family decides to bring Christmas to her. Luckily, a sexy handyman is there to provide her with some distraction. Darren’s laid back attitude and comedic spin on the season may be the key to bringing the holiday spirit to Lacey.


Islander Josie Sullivan has worked hard in providing her daughter Tess with a stable home and making ends meet. She is in awe of what a wonderful person her little girl is when she bravely stands up for an elderly man on the island who is in danger of losing his home. As Tess and her daughter organize a plan to save Big AL’s place, his nephew Ben turns up in Cedar Key. When Ben gets reacquainted with his childhood rival Josie, agitation makes way for attraction. Soon he finds that his thoughts have strayed far from his original objective. Yet this Christmas season, he may not mind being derailed from his original plan at all.

HOLIDAY MAGIC will indeed bring a bit of holiday magic to your day as you read through these heartwarming novellas that stay true to the season. Fern Michael’s HOLIDAY MAGIC brings out the warm in classic holiday style. In A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, Cathy Lamb grabs attention with a tough yet vulnerable heroine. Mary Carter knows how to deliver a good time and gives us plenty of holiday cheer in A VERY MAUI CHRISTMAS. A CEDER KEY CHRISTMAS gives us another look into Terri DuLong’s cozy island town in her CEDAR KEY series with this charming addition. All four stories were beautifully detailed, bringing the settings to life. This anthology is a nice addition to have in any holiday reading collection.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Pamela Denise

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