Holly and the Millionaire
By Scarlet
Apr 1, 2008 - 5:36:23 AM

Holly Kirwan has lost her husband to an unpopular war.  Thank heavens she has their baby girl Lilly as a reminder of Robbie.  But all of that becomes threatened when her in-laws decide to sue for custody of the baby.  Holly flees with little more than the clothes on their backs to Australia, hoping to escape the clutches of the Kirwans.

Justin Devereux is escaping to Australia for entirely different reasons; his girlfriend has managed to scam him out of millions of dollars then dumped him.  Taking the last available seat on the plane, Justin is flying in economy class for the first time when he runs into Holly and her baby.   The two battle attraction as Holly moves into Justin’s apartment and Holly is wracked with guilt over falling in love so soon after being widowed.  Justin is also battling his feelings; he doesn’t want to take a chance after his previous relationship but he can’t seem to live without Holly.


HOLLY AND THE MILLIONAIRE is a touching look at surviving life’s greatest challenges.  Holly is a woman I empathized with; her in-laws think she isn’t good enough to raise their grandchild so she makes a difficult decision to run away.  She is a wonderful mother, a compassionate woman and a sensual lover.  Her chemistry with Justin is readily apparent, even as they both tried to deny it.  Justin is a man who has been embittered by his previous lover; her scheming and manipulation have had a lasting effect on his ability to grow close to another woman.  These two deserving individuals are perfectly matched and play off each other in a realistic way.  The gradual progression to love and commitment is a believable one, while the love story is sigh-worthy.  I will be looking for more from Margaret Tanner; I like her style.

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