Hollywood Nobody
By Roberta Austin
Oct 16, 2007 - 2:12:11 AM

They say parents and children often suffer role reversal as the parent ages. It seems to have happened a little early for Scotty who will be sixteen soon. Of course, her mother, Charley, is an aging hippie who gave birth to Scotty at forty. Scotty home schools herself, cooks and helps Charley travel between movie locations. Charley works as a food designer on mostly independent movies. Scotty has had a different sort of education on what goes on behind the scenes in the movie biz. She shares news and views of Hollywood's hype and hypocrisy in a blog she has dubbed "Hollywood Nobody".

Charley's new job is on the set of a remake of "The Great Gatsby" to be filmed on Toledo Island, NC.  This location shoot puts Scotty up close and personal with rising star Seth Haas. Scotty has already spotlighted Seth in earlier blogs after his performance in a Shakespeare Festival. Scotty wonders if Seth is too old for her at nineteen or if they can be just good friends.

Scotty's nomadic life has been a lonely one and filled with mystery since Charley won't tell her who her father is or why they seem to be on the run too often. Scotty has formed a family of sorts from her mother's favorite indie movie director and some retired RVers.

Although HOLLYWOOD NOBODY is marketed to teen girls, it still had great charm and appeal to this middle-aged reviewer. The story is told in a mixture of blog, diary entries and traditional narrative and looks at finding your way even when the path is not clear. Ms. Samson has a gift of mixing honest glimpses of real life problems with humor.

HOLLYWOOD NOBODY is the first in a series. It is encouraging to see more quality fiction for young adults. Pick up HOLLYWOOD NOBODY for your favorite young person or for yourself to stay in touch with your "inner teen".

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