Author: William Neale

Publisher: MLR Press

Release Date: September 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3


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Lucas Reed has made a good life for himself. He is a successful advertising executive and lives in a beautiful home in one of the best and most gay friendly neighborhoods in Cleveland. When his father dies Lucas has to return to the small southern town where he grew up. At his father’s funeral, Lucas is shocked when Rogan James approaches him and asks him out for a drink. In high school, Rogan was a terrible bully and he made Lucas’ life miserable. Lucas can’t imagine why the other man wants to talk to him but his curiosity gets the better of him and he agrees.

Rogan has always felt bad for the way he treated Lucas in high school. Lucas thought he hated him but the truth is Rogan was envious of the other man and even admired him. Lucas was smart and interesting, Rogan found him very intriguing. Unable to deal with his feelings he treated Lucas badly instead. Twelve years have gone by and Rogan is determined to make Lucas see that he has changed and he is very different from the bully he used to be.

HOME by William Neale is a gentle and charming story about forgiving past mistakes and being brave enough to take a chance on love, even if you find that love in an unexpected place. Rogan and Lucas have really good chemistry and their feelings for one another grow quickly but the author does an excellent job of making it believable. The heroes are surrounded by some interesting secondary characters. I particularly liked the Sheriff. His unwavering support for Rogan made moved me and me smile. The plot is interesting and has some unexpected twists.  HOME is a delightful story.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Christina

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