Love Finds a Home - Home At Last

Author: Jerri Corgiat

Publisher: Istoria Books

Release Date: July 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Eight years ago Marigold McKenzie O'Malley graduated from college and headed to Kansas City leaving her small hometown life behind. She started out as a graphic design intern at Carmichael cards and later managed to start her own graphic design business with the help of her boss Sean Reynolds. Before long Mari found herself falling for Sean's good looks and charm and they began an affair, Mari later learned Sean was a married man. Breaking off the affair with Sean had broken Mari's heart and cutting off all ties to him had cost her the business she worked so hard to create.

Now broke and unemployed Mari was having a hard time fending off her sister's argument that she should go back home to take care of their mother. Mari's mom recently had heart bypass surgery and needed someone to take care of her and it looked like Mari was the only one available for the job so Mari was heading back home to Cordelia, Missouri.


When Andrew Eppelwaite or 'no account Andy' as he was known as while growing up in Cordelia; heard Mari was back he found himself looking forward to seeing her again. Mari and Andy had been best buddies growing up and had been the cause of lots of pranks together. Now Andy was all grown up and finally had his life back on the right track. After a short time in jail and admitting he had a drinking problem Andy cleaned himself up, joined AA, and went back to college and got his degree as a horticulture therapist.


Andy and Mari were soon sharing the same camaraderie they once did growing up only now their feeling for each other went much deeper than just friends. Their love for each other was not the problem it was their dreams for the future and their mistakes from the past that will be their downfall.


HOME AT LAST takes the reader on a wonderful journey into the lives of this incredibly strong and caring family. The relationship between Mari and Andy is so sweet and genuine I found myself totally captivated. Though HOME AT LAST is mainly about Mari and Andy it also brings back characters from previous books, updating us on how their lives are doing. HOME AT LAST is a book I truly enjoyed reading and Jerri Corgiat is definitely an author that I will be looking to read more from in the future.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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