Home At Last
By Roberta Austin
Sep 1, 2005 - 11:18:00 PM

Mari O'Malley's dreams of leaving her Ozark home behind and finding success and love in Kansas City seemed obtainable for a short, shining time. Then her dreams are shattered when her business and love affair both fail. She really doesn't want to go home to nurse her cantankerous mother after a heart attack, but her older sisters put her on a serious guilt trip. Mari gives in and hopes she can plot her own rehabilitation while she assists in her mother's.

Cordelia, Missouri, is a small town, so Mari is not surprised to run into her childhood friend, Andy Eppelwaite, who was dubbed "No Account Andy" after his drinking got him into trouble during his younger years. Not only has Andy redeemed himself through the twelve step program, but he has used his past as a way to help young boys with serious troubles of their own. Mari feels more than friendship for her old buddy, Andy, but she is terrified he will hate her if he discovers some of her past secrets.
Although HOME AT LAST is the third book in a charming series, it stands well on its own. The author's exceptional writing style blends the background from the previous books into a rich, layered story of romantic and family love.
Mari and Andy both have to deal with serious mistakes and poor choices from their past. They grow as they learn to forgive themselves, as well as others. With a deeply detailed narrative and a strong sense of place, Ms. Corgiat pulls the reader into the Ozarks setting and her characters' lives.
There is a sizzling love scene, but the plot is more centered on a tender and satisfying love story. The author also explores the sad consequences of how the lack of love and concern can cause untold heartache. If you are looking for a romance to lift your spirits, look no further than HOME AT LAST.

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