Home Fires

Author: Barbara Delinsky

Publisher: St. Martins

Release Date: June 26, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0

Format: EBOOK

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Deanna Hunt lost her husband Larry nearly fourteen months ago. Not quite thirty, she is an extremely wealthy widow, but lately she has had an unexplained restlessness about her. Her brother had been the wild one, the rebel, but it had led to his death at the age of twenty. Seeing the devastation on her parents’ faces after his death, she had made sure she was never the cause of their suffering. Even at nineteen, when she first married Larry, she had been poised and gracious. Now she is the head of the Hunt Foundation, but that is only a titular role as others hold the power. Nearly every morning for the past ten years, she has had breakfast in the luxury hotel her husband built fourteen years ago, occasionally seeing and speaking to friends and acquaintances that stop by her table. Many of the Hunt staff has been very protective of her since her husband’s death. Her marriage to Larry, a man twenty years her senior, had been comfortably serene. At the time, that had been enough. However, now she wonders what it would be like to do something wild, to kick up her heels. She had never minded being alone before, but now she felt lonely. She and Larry had never had children. But on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she spends her mornings in the pediatric ward of Atlanta General Hospital, talking to the children and reading to them, even holding those whose parents are unable to be there. These mornings hold a special place in her heart.

One morning while having breakfast at the hotel, she locks eyes with a stranger, an auburn-haired man, and feels a connection. But when she looks again, he is gone. When he is there the next morning and gives her a meaningful look, she is attracted more than ever, but wonders why this particular man. Then she realizes that he sees her as a woman, a human being in her own right, not as Mrs. Lawrence Hunt. When he does not show the third day, she is disappointed. Exchanging glances with this man had only accentuated the void in her life. She soon finds herself daydreaming about this stranger. For several days, they see each other at breakfast but do nothing except exchange glances. However, she can see the loneliness and vulnerability in his eyes.

Mark Birmingham, an architect with Birmingham and Swift in Georgia, has been in meetings with the Hunt Foundation as the architect for the hospital they are building. When he caught his first glimpse of Deanna, he could not get over the connection he felt to her. He is not even surprised when he learns her identity. For the past twelve years, he has worked hard to build up his businessand has not had the time for a relationship. But that is what he now wants. His life is lonely and the woman he wants to fill that void is Deanna.

After twenty-nine years of being molded into who she is, Deanna does not know how to let go. But she knows she is falling in love with Mark. However, she doesn’t feel that she can give him what he needs. Can he convince her that who she is now is just what he needs, just her love?

A heartwarming tale, HOME FIRES is a passionate, emotion-packed contemporary romance. With this story, phenomenal author Barbara Delinsky has penned a delectable tale of a woman discovering herself after the death of her husband. Ms. Delinsky originally wrote this story in 1986 under the pseudonym Billie Douglas. At the time, it was entitled BEYOND FANTASY. With Mark’s help and love, Deanna finds herself trying things she has never tried before and discovering that she likes the new Deanna. Combining humor, secrets, betrayal, passion, romance, love and a delicious ending, Ms. Delinskyhas penned a beautiful, warm story that is sure to touch your heart. I recommend it and look forward to reading more works by this gifted author.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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