Home Style Loving’
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 16, 2008 - 10:34:52 AM

Anna McAllister is struggling to keep her husband’s business afloat while taking care of her ailing, opinionated grandfather and rambunctious son.  There’s no time to concern herself with a relationship outside of business, especially with creditors pounding down her door.  Add to that a greedy competitor determined to obtain Ike’s by any means necessary and Anna could really use a knight in shining armor, or maybe just a bad boy in a denim jacket.

Ty Clayton had been friends with Anna’s husband Mike during college but they’d lost touch in the ten years since Anna and Mike’s wedding.  Ty’s appearance in Angel Springs, Colorado, isn’t coincidental.  His father has put him in charge of acquiring Ike’s Home-Style Bar-B-Q which judging from Anna’s current circumstances should be relatively easy, but then he hadn’t counted on joining in Anna’s fight against Porky’s or falling in love with the little lady and her makeshift family.


Ty doesn’t find out about Mike’s death until after he arrives in Angel Springs and asks Anna about him.  He hadn’t even been aware that Anna was the owner - the only information he had was that it was owned by an A. McAllister.  A widow.  Ty had been envious of what he envisioned Mike’s perfect life to be but never expected to learn of his friend’s passing.  While he’s stunned to learn of Mike’s death, he still has a job to do but when Porky Lundgren shows up and throws down a challenge Ty accepts despite Anna’s protests. 


Ty and Anna shared a kiss ten years ago that she’s never forgotten and the memory coupled with the circumstances surrounding the incident is one of the main reasons she isn’t happy to see him now. The last thing she needs is him worming his way back into her life.  Still if she hopes to win the competition she’ll need his help.  Can Anna trust a man who deceived her years ago and is still keeping secrets - ones that could potentially destroy everything she’s worked to preserve? 


HOME STYLE LOVIN’ appears to be Elizabeth Palmer’s first published novel and it’s a riveting tale which completely captivated me.  Ty’s guilt over his true reason for being in Angel Springs, Porky’s underhanded business tactics and Anna and Ty’s past and present issues combine to create a heartfelt story that will have readers running the gauntlet of emotions throughout this book.  I loved being privy to Anna and Ty’s relationship as they struggle through their feelings but it’s the secondary characters who really touched me.  At one point I was actually in tears and another time I wanted to pump my fist in the air but for most of the story, I felt a spark of devilment that added to my enjoyment of this book.  Ms. Amber did a beautiful job telling Anna and Ty’s story and I can only hope we’ll see more of her writing in the near future.


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