The Perfect Gift: Home for Christmas
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 26, 2007 - 4:27:54 PM

Sophia is determined to do something different for Christmas this year.   It’s been two years since her husband’s death and her daughter plans on spending the holiday with her boyfriend’s family.   As far as she’s concerned staying home alone with only her memories for company just isn’t an option.

Since her husband’s death, his best friend and business partner Ethan has become an important part of her life.   She’s well aware that he’d be perfectly willing to keep her company but it’s time to stand on her own two feet - besides she’s developing feelings for him and not ready to deal with them yet.


Sophia’s daughter Samantha is shocked when she arrives at her mom’s home to drop off gifts and notices that her mother hasn’t decorated for the holidays.   She tries to convince her that it isn’t too late to at least get a tree but Sophia won’t hear of it.   She drops a bomb sure to send shockwaves through her daughter - she’s booked a room on a Caribbean cruise.  


On her way out the door to go to the airport, Sophia runs into Ethan and evades his questions about where she’s going but Ethan has an ally in Samantha.   After getting the details about Sophia’s plans, Ethan grabs a few items, books himself a suite on the cruise and decides if he’s ever going to have a chance with the woman he’s come to love then the cruise is the perfect opportunity to show her exactly how he feels.   But will she want to continue their relationship once the cruise is over?


HOME FOR CHRISTMAS really touched a place in my heart as I’m sure it will many other readers.   If you’ve ever experienced the loss of a loved one then you’d be able to understand just how hard the holidays can be.   I loved Sophia’s refusal to cave in to her daughter’s expectations and her bravery in venturing out on a cruise by herself.   Ethan’s no slouch either.   Any man who will drop everything to book himself on a cruise to be near a woman he loves is a keeper - especially when he’s not sure what sort of reception he’ll receive.   Kate Davies will have readers running the gauntlet of emotions with this short holiday tale which is so worthy of a place in THE PERFECT GIFT anthology.

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