Home for the Holidays
By Amanda Haffery
Jan 7, 2008 - 3:11:32 PM

Valerie Mills and Suzi Crocker have been friends for most of their lives. Valerie, never having family of her own, feels like the Crocker's are her family. However, there is one member of the Crocker family that Valerie doesn't feel familial too…Suzi's brother, Dan. For as long as Val can remember, she's had very strong feelings for Dan. Unfortunately, Dan's never looked twice at her. At the most, he just teases her about her hair from time to time. This might be the year to change it all though.

Dan and Tyler have been together for years, both on the police force and outside the office. When Dan confiscates a Secret Santa note written by Valerie asking for "Shibari for three," he's sure his head is going to explode. He can't believe his little Valerie is fantasizing about bondage. It's up to him and Tyler to show Valerie exactly what pleasures she can receive from the two of them while being bound. Will Dan get his Christmas wish—a happily ever after with the two people he loves most?


HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS is kinky, gratifying and totally delicious—a perfect story to cuddle up in front of the fireplace with. Stephanie Vaughan adds her element of class to this ménage, making it appear realistic, romantic and not even close to anything trashy. The three characters, Valerie, Dan and Tyler are meant to be together. It's something you can feel from the very beginning. When the three finally get to the sex, emotions run high and passions overflow leaving this reader breathless and totally fulfilled. I think the thing I loved most about this story was the innocence portrayed by all three characters. Valerie never thought Dan knew how she felt about him, while Dan and Tyler have been in a relationship together for a long time. At the same time, Dan has always felt attracted to Valerie, but worries about how Tyler will handle having a woman in the mix. There are no alphas in this story, no one person being extremely dominant in the ménage. Instead, all three people genuinely care about each other and it makes it that much more romantic. I highly recommend HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS to anyone just breaking into the bondage genre or to someone who's looking for the softer side of BD/SM. Ms. Vaughan definitely knows how to get the job done!

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