Home for the Holidays
By Sarah W
Oct 1, 2008 - 11:27:58 AM

Rachel Porter leads an exciting life as a stylist to the celebrities in Malibu. It is her dream job and she is on call 24/7 in case any celebrity needs her assistance. But when Rachel catches her boyfriend in bed with one of her clients, she starts to see some of the shine of her very exciting life wear off. Rachel has only one plan in mind: revenge. Unfortunately, revenge lands her back to square one with no clients returning her calls and her dream life in Malibu disappearing into the horizon. With her dreams on the verge of collapse, Rachel high-tails it out of Malibu and straight back home to Kismet, Michigan.

Reno Wright is everyone’s friend in Kismet, which is why he got roped into picking Rachel Porter up at the airport. Before they know, the two are sparring like old friends, competing over silly things, and having a good time together, even when stranded in the snow. Rachel declares that she will not be joining in any of the Christmas fun Kismet has to offer but Reno hopes to convince her otherwise. These two have some smoking chemistry but will Rachel be able to see what a great thing she has found with Reno, and in Kismet, when her dreams of fame are still shining so brightly in her mind?


Welcome to Kismet, Michigan, where the holiday competitions are fierce and the romance is exhilarating! Reno and Rachel have instant chemistry together. They laugh easily and even at her lowest points, Reno manages to show Rachel all the great things about small town Kismet. I really enjoyed watching Rachel rediscover herself in this book. Sure, she is not Hollywood famous but there is a lot to say about being appreciated by one’s hometown and realizing that there is plenty of good to be done. She lost much of her cynicism I think and came to appreciate all the wonderful things she had forgotten in her haste to leave Kismet. For his part, Reno is a true blue guy. Heck, he even tries to set up Rachel with his best friend Nate. Fortunately, this leads to an irresistible secondary romance that is sure to please.


HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS has charm and warmth. Lisa Plumley captures much of the fun of the season, some of the heartache, but also all of the love that makes Christmas so wonderful. Sure, it has a holiday themed title, but this story is guaranteed to make you smile any time of the year.

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