Home in Carolina
By Pamela Denise
Jun 1, 2010 - 8:43:45 PM

Annie Sullivan grew up in the warm southern town of Serenity, South Carolina, with the support of the Sweet Magnolias, consisting of her mom and her mom’s best friends, and Tyler Townsend. Annie and Tyler were close from a young age, their friendship taking on the role of first love as they reached their teens. She’d always pictured settling down with Ty and raising a family of their own in the little town. However, as she headed off for college and Ty started his baseball career, the distance drove them apart. Then the shocking news of Ty’s betrayal was too much to bear. How could she ever get past the scandals posted all over the tabloids of Ty’s sudden start to fatherhood?

Tyler Townsend has always valued his small town roots and appreciated the life lessons he’d picked up. He should have known better than to risk something so much as his relationship with Annie over a quick boost to his ego. The few moments of bliss with his female fans changed more in Tyler’s life than he could ever have imagined. He not only lost Annie, but became a single father all at once. Now, three years later, though his son is the center of his world, Tyler still can’t let go of the hopes and plans he and Annie shared.



When Tyler suffers an injury during a game, he sees this as the chance he needs to try to win back Annie. He heads back to Serenity to recoup, where Annie is now employed as a physical therapist, specializing in sports injuries. Annie is faced with confronting her emotions over Ty and the connection between them that is still apparent. For every step forward they seem to make, something comes to play that knocks them two steps back. As Annie finally warms up to a new life with Ty, the past comes back to haunt them.



With the release of HOME IN CAROLINA comes the start of a new generation of Sweet Magnolias. Sherryl Woods revisits the cozy little town of Serenity, South Carolina where the first Magnolias were introduced. Ms. Woods’s melodic prose and infusion of southern charm shines forth in this sweet first glimpse of her new line of empowering women. Take a journey through small town living, the bond of first loves, the beauty of friendships, and the strength of forgiveness.

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