Home the Hard Way
By Gayle
Jul 28, 2014 - 3:46:20 PM

Returning to his hometown wasn’t in Dare
Buckley’s plans but after his career with the Seattle PD is irreparably damaged, he doesn’t have another option. No other police department will hire him. He’s unhappy returning to Palladian, but it gives him a chance to investigate his father’s suicide and to get reacquainted with Finn Fowler, his childhood friend. Dare still feels guilty about leaving Finn behind to be bullied and abused, but he quickly learns Finn no longer needs protecting. Finn can take care of himself.

From the day Dare arrives, it’s clear that not everyone is thrilled with his return. He’s barely had a chance to settle in and start work before he realizes that danger is everywhere, and the town is filled with secrets. That includes those kept by Finn. Will Dare discover what the town is hiding and survive the danger? Can he find a way to finally come home and make a life with Finn?

HOME THE HARD WAY is the newest contemporary M/M romantic suspense by Z.A. Maxfield. There is mild BDSM contained within this book but please note that it isn’t the focus.

Wow. It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book by this talented author and I don’t know why because I always enjoy her books. When I read her first release several years ago, I knew Z.A Maxfield as a terrific storyteller but she’s really outdone herself with this one. It caught my attention from the start and I couldn’t stop reading. I loved it—and for so many reasons. It has a little bit of everything—a complicated plot with a fast pace, vivid imagery, a great, small-town location, characters with well developed, if wounded, personalities, danger, secrets and even a little kinky sex. Best of all, it had more than enough twists and turns to keep me guessing. And guess I did.

There was always something happening that took me by surprise. The plot is filled with suspense, intrigue and secrets, and Ms. Maxfield did a great job setting just the right tone in every scene. She’s also done a superb job of blending suspense with romance, and turning friends into lovers along the way. Don’t get me wrong. These guys don’t have it easy, separately or while attempting to be friends—much less as a couple. Ms. Maxfield has given them difficult and rather painful lives with tons of baggage to deal with. Enough to sink any new relationship. Despite the apparent obstacles, the author uses her usual flair and creativity to get Dare and Finn together in a believable manner.

HOME THE HARD WAY isn’t an easy read or lighthearted but it’s definitely well written and plotted, and I’m thrilled that all the threads surrounding the mystery are wrapped up with a plausible explanation by the end. I could go on and on about why I enjoyed this book so much but I need to stop. Really.  So—the bottom line—I suggest you give this one a try.

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