Heart of the Rockies - Home to Family

Author: Ann Evans

Publisher: Harlequin Superromance

Release Date: March 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Leslie Meadows grew up with a drunken father, and she's always yearned for a family like the D'Angelo family.  When she was a teenager, Matt D'Angelo became her best friend after defending her from a bully.  Now, years later, Matt is home for the holidays, and Leslie is experiencing all new feelings for her friend.

A year ago, Matt walked in on a robbery in progress.  His girlfriend was killed, and he was shot in the hand.  The wound has put a hold on his microsurgery career, and the accident has left him feeling bitter and guilty for his girlfriend's death.  Now, that he's finally come home, Matt starts to see Leslie Meadows in a whole new light.  He doesn't expect his attraction for her, but he's definitely willing to see where it will lead.  But, can he get Leslie to admit she wants more than friendship?


Once Matt and Leslie unleash their passion, it doesn't go away.  Leslie wants more, but she doesn't see how they can have a relationship when Matt will be leaving after the holidays.  And, Leslie's father is drinking more and his attitude toward the D'Angelo family is putting a heavy strain on the new relationship.  Soon, Matt's father reveals a secret about Leslie's dad.  How will this all affect Matt and Leslie?  Find out in March, when HOME TO FAMILY hits the shelves.


Author Ann Evans knows how to write!  And, that's a fact.  I'm completely in love with the D'Angelo family.  They are passionate, deeply caring, and a whole lot of fun!  This second book in the Heart of the Rockies series is an absolute five-star keeper.  I was delighted to find out how HOME TO FAMILY ended, and it was perfect.  Author Ann Evans wraps her reader in an emotionally engaging romance that makes you feel all warm and gooey inside.  Her books can be expected to make you purr with contentment.  Ms. Evans, hurry up with the next book in this series, because I can't wait to rejoin the D'Angelo clan!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: BJ Deese

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