Home to Seaview Key
By Diana S
Feb 28, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

Abby Miller has moved back to Seaview Key after being away for decades. Abby has come home to find her old self after a divorce and to help the people of the island. When Abby left she swore she would never come back. She wants to re-connect with her old friends and find a good life for herself.

Seth Landry is a new arrival to the island and a paramedic. Seth has suffered a terrible tragedy in his past and is not looking for anyone to date. Seth saves Abby from drowning and during mouth–to-mouth resuscitation feels a spark that makes him want to get to know Abby better.


Abby Miller has inherited Blue Heron Cove from her parents. She has come home to Seaview Key to develop the cove with a few environmentally correct houses. Abby wants to give back to the island of her youth by helping their economy. Not everyone is happy about her plans for the cove.


Hannah, Abby’s childhood best friend, and Luke, Abby’s high school sweetheart, are now married. Hannah is still insecure about Abby and Luke’s old relationship and Hannah’s family is suspicious of Abby’s return, so they are keeping an eye on her.


Abby and Seth become friends and are there for each other when they need a listening ear. Will Abby and Seth find a way to get together without doubts? Will the islanders decide Abby is home for good and let her develop the cove?


Sherryl Woods has brought to life another great story of heartache and forgiveness, in a community finding a way to come together to help everyone involved. I gave this book 5 Blue Ribbons as a heartwarming feel-good story. 

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