Home to Whiskey Creek - Whiskey Creek series,book 4

Author: Brenda Novak

Publisher: Harlequin Mira

Release Date: July 28,2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Adelaide Davies has come back to Whiskey Creek, after being gone for 15 years, to take care of her Grandma Milly. Addy doesn’t like being back but her grandma needs her help running her restaurant, Just Like Mom’s. Addy would do anything for her grandma who raised her.

Noah Rackham is a hometown boy whose twin brother was killed in a mine accident. Noah has missed his brother Cody almost every day but wishes that everyone would let him forget when he can. Little does he know that Addy coming back to town will bring up some old wounds. Will he and Addy find friendship after all these years after the truth comes out?


Addy has only been at her grandma’s house for a few days before she is kidnapped and taken to the mine and dumped down the shaft. Addy was terrified that no one would find her and she would die in the mine where all the rapes of her had happened fifteen years ago. Addy had been down there for hours trying to find a way out and screaming for help when she hears someone calling down to her. Noah had been riding his bike on the trail close to the mine, thinking of his brother Cody, and never expected to hear someone calling for help from the mine. Noah gets her out and back to his truck to take her home when he finds out she is Milly’s granddaughter.


Addy is amazed that Noah, the boy she has always had a crush on in high school, and the brother of the boy who had raped her with his friends at the high school graduation party in the mine, is the one who saves her. Noah wants to know who did this to her and why. Addy can’t tell him why so just plays it down as a random act. Noah doesn’t believe her and when Addy gets home, her grandma Milly doesn’t either and had called the police when she found Addy gone. Addy knew that the four men, who were still alive and living in Whiskey Creek, would not be happy if the past was drawn up.


This story keeps you guessing about all the characters, who may be involved in Addy’s abduction and what will happen next. It draws you in and makes you cry, laugh and feel outraged at the mentality of the male characters involved in a very traumatic event for a young girl. HOME TO WHISKEY CREEK is a very compelling story of more than one travesty.


I have read all of the books so far in the WHISKEY CREEK series. I have enjoyed every one, but HOME TO WHISKEY CREEK and the one before it, WHEN SUMMER COMES, I think are my favorites so far. I recommend this series to all who enjoy Brenda Novak books and to those who have never read them.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Diana S

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