Homecoming: The Billionaire Brothers
By Dorine Linnen
Aug 4, 2014 - 3:35:00 PM

Three brothers who suffered a loss at a very young age have each made a life for themselves but haven't yet fallen in love.  Can a tragedy that forced them to make their own way finally come to a closure that will bind them as a family forever?


Dylan Harrington is known as the "Billionaire Bad Boy," the youngest of three brothers who lost their parents before they had a chance to finish their childhood and become successful adults.  Dylan has partied his way through life, never quite sure if the women he dates are there for him as a person, or for what his wealth can provide them.  Does anyone, including Dylan, know who he really is without the money as a façade?

Dylan is about to find out when he accidentally becomes a handyman on Sanctuary Island for Penny Little, a single mom and waitress at the Firefly Café. Penny is also the caretaker of Dylan's grandparents' vacation home, where she and her young son live.  Can the wealthy bad boy keep his identity secret while he learns what it's like to be known for his abilities and personality, or will he seem like a schemer to this recovering divorcee?

A great mistaken identity story, Dylan and Penny's romance in THE FIREFLY CAFÉ includes some heartrending moments.


Logan Harrington is the genius in his family and obsessed with his work.  When he collapses during a meeting, his oldest brother Miles insists that Logan take a well-deserved and much-needed vacation.  Jessica "Tink" Bell has been in charge of Logan for years, hired by Miles to insure that his gifted brother take care of himself.

Can Jessica's professional wall that she has built between her and Logan be brought down when she whisks him off to Sanctuary Island to heal?  Logan challenges Jessica in a game of truth, but in the end, how far will they both be willing to go when healing their hearts?

An entertaining friends to lovers story, Jessica and Logan's romance in THE SUMMER COTTAGE is sure to draw a few tears and cheers.

ISLAND ROAD novella...

ISLAND ROAD is the third novella in this connected anthology where each story leads into the next.  Greta and Miles meet when the three brothers are in an emotional upheaval over Dylan's recent announcement.  Greta is Penny's best friend and determined to make sure that Penny gets the happiness she deserves.

Miles offers Greta just the right escape that the unadventurous business owner has secretly craved, but will both their hearts be left intact when that blissful night is over and Miles is caught up in something he never expects to happen?

An enjoyable instant attraction love story, Miles and Greta's romance is full of valuing self-worth and forgiveness in ISLAND ROAD.

In conclusion, HOMECOMING is an excellent example of how novellas can form the perfect anthology.  Each story is chock full of emotion as the full story reveals the brothers' individual survival after the loss of their parents, while almost losing the true value of family.  Those who love less explicit stories of romance will appreciate these stories of overcoming obstacles and preconceptions for the ultimate gift of love.

I'm not normally a fan of "billionaire" style contemporary romances, but because I love the SANCTUARY ISLAND series of books so much, I was enticed to ignore my preferences and stretch in my reading. I'm so glad I tried this very well-written combination of novellas.  It was great to be back on Sanctuary Island with the quirky islanders who make this place so special.  If you haven't read any of the books that take place on Sanctuary Island, you won't feel lost by picking this one up first because it's mostly related by location.  Hopefully, it will get you to pick up the first two books in the SANCTUARY ISLAND series, SANCTUARY ISLAND and SHORELINE DRIVE, which I highly recommend.

HOMECOMING is a different style of "billionaire" romance and made me realize that not all tropes are created equal.  Lily Everett magically weaves heartrending emotion into every book she writes, leaving the reader's heart joyful from the journey.  This anthology makes me all the more anxious for the third novel in the SANCTUARY ISLAND series, HEARTBREAK COVE, coming in March 2015.

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