Midsummer Night’s Steam: Honeymoon Castaways
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 1, 2007 - 10:52:51 AM

Catalina ‘Cat’ has just married the man of her dreams, Dave Robinson, and they’re off on their honeymoon trip to a Barbados resort. Their best friend and Dave’s best man Andreas Bailey has the honor of flying them to their destination. The three of them have been friends for a very long time and they’ve shared the many ups and downs life has thrown at them.   What should have been a romantic vacation in a tropical paradise suddenly takes an unexpected turn when the plane’s engine freezes and they’re forced to make an emergency landing on an uninhabited island.

Cat and Dave are just thrilled to be alive and have no doubt that Andreas's skills as a pilot   saved them all. Andreas can’t help but blame himself for their current predicament despite the fact that he knows that the plane’s malfunction isn’t really his fault. To make matters worse, being alone with the newlyweds has Dave experiencing a severe loneliness and he longs for someone like Cat to love. He can’t deny his own attraction to her and being marooned with only Cat and Dave for company reinforces his desire for her and his guilt for feeling that way about his best friend’s new wife.

Cat and Dave had special plans for their wedding night and they aren’t about to set those plans aside just because their plane went down. Andreas gives them the privacy they desire but when he discovers that he forgot some supplies and goes back to the plane to retrieve them he witnesses Cat and Dave’s more intimate moments and can’t help but wish that he could join them. What he doesn’t realize is that Cat and Dave see him and just knowing he’s there excites them. In the civilized world Cat and Dave would have probably never approached Andreas about participating in a threesome, but lost and alone on a deserted island, ‘civilized’ behavior is cast aside and their relationship is about to be drastically altered. Can their friendship survive the changes that are to come? What will happen when they’re rescued? Can they go back to being just friends or is their newfound sexual relationship more than any of them are ready to give up?

Who hasn’t dreamed of a tropical honeymoon, or at least a vacation to a resort where you’ll be pampered and only have to worry about which drink you’d like next? Now imagine if your plans went very wrong and you find yourself on a deserted island with two wonderful loving men and the kind of sexual freedom that most people can only imagine . . . sounds like fun doesn’t it? What I love most about Dawn Halliday’s HONEYMOON CASTAWAYS is the friendship Cat, Dave and Andreas share and how they treasure each moment that they spend together. I found myself eagerly reading through the pages waiting to find out what would happen next and some scenes even brought tears to my eyes. This is a wonderful summertime read and just short enough that you can indulge when you have a little peace and quiet time.

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