Honeymoon Suite
By Dina Smith
Mar 1, 2005 - 9:45:00 PM

Dory Lambert has grown up spoiled and pampered most of her life. Until the day the family fortune is stolen and Dory's father is accused of fraud and forced to flee the country. It is left up to Dory, her sister Jill, and their aunt Margaret Lambert who is better known as aunt Ping to repay the dept and try to save the Lambert estate, called Outlook.

Working together the three of them managed to repay the money that was stolen to the bank's investors, but they were still in danger of losing Outlook. Dory who now holds her MBA and has a mind for business comes up with the plan to turn Outlook into an inn for the filthy rich. Everything was going fine for Dory until the day Chase McKay shows back up at Outlook.


Chase was the son of aunt Ping's chauffeur, Charles McKay. Dory had a major crush on Chase when she was a kid. Sixteen years ago Chase was sent off to college when he was caught in a compromising position with Dory's sister Jill. Now Chase is an architect and worth millions. When Charles has a mild heart attack Chase returns to try to convince his father to retire and return to New York with him.


When Chase can't convince his father to retire on his own he tries to get Dory to help him. Dory soon finds herself falling in love with Chase all over again and hoping that maybe this time he will see her as the woman she is and not the little girl she used to be. Unfortunately the second Jill walks into the room Chase only has eyes for her, and the rest of his brain seem to shut down. Then Jill comes up with a plan to get the twenty million dollars that it will take to save Outlook and shut down the inn. All Jill has to do is convince Chase to marry her, and Dory was so angry with Chase that she goes along with Jill's plan. Will these three come to their senses before it is too late? You will have to read HONEYMOON SUITE to find out.


HONEYMOON SUITE is not your average romance book, but it is definitely worth reading. There are so many wonderful characters to meet and a story line that not only holds your interest but will keep you laughing until the very end. For a great pick me up read I would highly recommend reading HONEYMOON SUITE by Lynn Michaels.

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