Honeymoon with the Boss
By Chrissy Dionne
May 10, 2009 - 2:08:15 PM

CEO of Collocom Tom Maddison has earned his reputation as ‘Iceman’ thanks to his unemotional business decisions.  Unfortunately his cold attitude seems to apply to all facets of his life.  Tom’s decided that it’s time to marry and he’s left love out of the equation.  His potential wife is beautiful, successful, and undemanding.  Julia’s perfect for him – or so he thinks.

Imogene is Tom’s temporary personal assistant.  She’s efficient, confident and utterly in love with Tom.  Imogene is a romantic and believes in love and happily ever after.  She’d once been in love and had her heart broken but she knows what she wants in a relationship and isn’t willing to settle for anything less.


Imogene may only be Tom’s temporary PA but the news that he’s getting married and expects her to help with a wedding that’s only three weeks away is stunning – especially since she wasn’t even aware he was seriously dating.  What’s even more shocking is his emotional detachment in the wedding plans and lack of concern about the honeymoon.  He actually consults Imogene on her ideal honeymoon location and has her arrange it for him and his future wife.  When Julia cries off at the last moment, Tom isn’t heartbroken but he’s a man unaccustomed to failure of any kind and this is a public humiliation he finds unacceptable. 


Since the arrangements have already been made at the exclusive resort and getting a refund nearly impossible, Tom suggests Imogene accompany him.  He intends to work while he’s there so it won’t be a romantic getaway.  Once they’re on the exclusive island, Imogene succumbs to the peacefulness of the area and thoroughly enjoys the experience.  Tom finds it difficult to relax and as usual buries himself in work but concentrating with visions of Imogene in a bathing suit in his head proves to be extremely difficult.  He’s only viewed Imogene as an employee before but now in this romantic setting he’s seeing her in an entirely different light and can’t help but desire her. 


Imogene and Tom have vastly different views on life and love and they openly discuss their opinions and the reasons for them.  Despite their differences there’s an undeniable attraction that they decide to act on during their time together on the island.  Will it really be possible for their relationship to return to boss/employee once they return to London? How will Tom respond when Imogene follows through with her plans to leave Collocom to travel the world?


Women often fantasize about exotic locations as the ideal spot for a honeymoon and HONEYMOON WITH THE BOSS fulfills that desire – with a twist.  Imogene and Tom are very different and may have never come together if it wasn’t for the time they spend on this exclusive island.  It takes Imogene’s caring personality and her willingness to share her feelings with Tom to get him to reevaluate his own life and how people see him.  Jessica Hart allows readers to join Tom and Imogene on their romantic island experience and follow along as their relationship changes from boss/employee to friends and then to lovers.  This is a sweet story full of passion, friendship, beautiful scenery and emotional appeal.  If you’re looking for the perfect ‘escape’ book then be sure to pick up a copy of HONEYMOON WITH THE BOSS and watch for the other stories in Harlequin’s ESCAPE AROUND THE WORLD miniseries.


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