Honk If You Love Real Men

Author: Carrie Alexander, Pamela Britton, Susan Donovan & Lora Leigh

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Release Date: June 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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NAUGHTY GIRL by Carrie Alexander introduces us to Estrella Ianesque, who has her eye on one sexy construction worker named Jesse Drummond.  Estrella knows she has to have him; the only question is how to get his attention?  Jesse is used to women coming on to him, but there is something different about Estrella.  What he doesn't know is that Estrella is hiding a secret of her own.

NAUGHTY GIRL is a great tale of mystery and hidden secrets.  Estrella is determined to get her man and will not let anything stand in her way.  Jesse is every woman's - dream, sexy, sensitive and sweet.  The sparks fly between this couple from the first meeting.  Love scenes are romantic with an erotic flare that will leave readers breathless.  Carrie Alexander has done a wonderful job penning a story that readers won't soon forget.




WANTED: ONE HOT BLOODED MAN by Pamela Britton tells the tale of Brenna Miller, who after a traumatic event, decides its time to get her love life back on track.  She figures there is no better way to do that than go back home and have an intense fling with her old high school boyfriend, Trent Walker.  Trent knows that something is not right with Brenna and that she has come home for a reason, he just never expected it to be him.  What demons is she trying to exercise?


WANTED: ONE HOT BLOODED MAN is a story that will stick with you long after it's over.  The traumatic events that cause Brenna to come home will have readers experiencing her pain and hope.   Trent is an awesome hero that won't soon be forgotten.  Perfect for each other, two people find exactly what they have been searching for all along and together can find the happiness they have been missing.




MERCY ME by Susan Donovan brings us screenwriter Winifred MackLand, who has hit a writer's block after breaking up with her current love interest.  On a deadline, her boss decides to send her up to the mountains to get her creative juices flowing, she has no idea that she is being set up to meet rugged Vincent MacBeth.  Vincent can't help but be drawn to the woman who is staying next door to him, when she asks him if her will be her muse, he readily agrees, after all, who could turn down being her lover for a month.  However, is he getting in over his head?


MERCY ME provides everything a good story needs, romance, action, adventure and comedy.  Winifred is the most colorful heroine I have come across in a while, her reasoning will have reader's laughing out loud.  Vincent is sexy and wild with an alpha attitude that won't quit.  Together this couple is dynamite and compliment each other perfectly.  Susan Donovan has created another couple that readers are sure to enjoy.




RENO'S CHANCE by Lora Leigh gives us Raven McIntire, who has loved her best friend's brother, Reno, since before she can remember.  Knowing that his job is dangerous, Raven is determined not to get involved with him for fear that one day he won't come home.  Reno Chavez is a Navy SEAL and knows his job is no picnic, so he has tried to give Raven time to come to terms with this, but can no longer wait to make her his.  Reno is ready to play for keeps and he will use all the weapons in his sensual arsenal to make sure that Raven finally sees that she belongs with him.


Intense encounters and an emotional roller coaster are staples of RENO'S CHANCE.  Reno is determined to make Raven see that they belong together, no matter what it takes. Raven, however, is just as determined to make him see that a relationship between them will never work.  Love scenes are passionate and steamy, to say the least, and secondary characters make RENO'S CHANCE a very enjoyable read.  Lora Leigh has gone and done it again, creating a book full of romance and passion that will have the reader eagerly looking for more of her work.




HONK IF YOU LOVE REAL MEN brings together four awesome authors who have created tales to intrigue, romance and capture the reader in a web of passion and desire.  One can only hope that they team up again to create another book of fantastic tales.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Angel

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