Honk If You Love Real Men

Author: Carrie Alexander, Pamela Britton, Susan Donovan, Lora Leigh

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

Release Date: June 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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NAUGHTY GIRL by Carrie Alexander

For Estrella Ianesque, the daily bus ride to work has been improved ever since road construction began along the route. There's one working, covered daily in dust, sweat, and pure male that's driving Estrella's hormones through the roof. When her boss, Eve, has to go out of town for a week, she leaves her spiffy little red Miata convertible in Estrella's care-and not a moment too soon. She plans on using that car to get some up close and personal views of her jack-hammer using construction man, and showing off her assets in the process.

When Jesse "Drum" Drummond offers to help out the damsel in distress with the stalled Miata, it doesn't take long to realize a few loosened wires caused Estrella's car to stall. Calling her on her ruse, he's surprised that she admits it-then boldly waits for him to make a move. But Jesse doesn't take her up on her offer, not there at the construction site, but later in the evening he finds that he can't stay away from the sexy and seductive Estrella.

Soon passions are soaring and inhibitions are lowered for this straight-laced woman who just once wants to do something naughty, and the man who had been determined to stay on the straight and narrow.





A little over a year ago, Breanna Miller was raped by her fiance. All ready betrayed by the man who supposedly loved her, Bree suffered further indignities by the police, who believed the rapists claim that the sex was consensual. Now afraid of sexual intimacy, Bree does the only thing she can think of-she'll travel back to her hometown and the one man she ever totally trusted, former high-school flame Trent Walker. She'd broken his heart when she'd left for college and never returned, but Bree is sure that he's the one man who can fix her sexual problems.

For Trent, seeing Bree again is a slap. At once excited by the possibility that her blatant proposition holds and still hurt over the way she left him all those years ago, Trent isn't sure what to do. The thought of sleeping with Bree still excites him-until he finds out why she's come home, and how he fits into her picture. Trent's willing to help her overcome her sexual problems, but he's not at all sure that a few nights in Bree's bed is ever going to be enough.

As sparks fly, trust is renewed, and healing begins, this is a short story you're not soon to forget.


HAVE MERCY by Susan Donovan



Winifred Mackland is sure she's on her way to her own personal doom. A screenwriter who is half-way done with her latest masterpiece, which just so happens to be a piece of crap, Win has no idea how to get the juices flowing on this last installment of her trilogy. Her agent, Artie Jacobs, has promised the producers that Win will have the screenplay finished in four short weeks, and to insure that she does, he sends her off to his cabin in the Berkshires to reacquaint herself with the things that seem to be missing in her work-heat, passion, and sex. Unbeknownst to Win, there's another person up in the Berkshires that Artie is hoping will be the inspiration she needs.

Vincent "Mac" MacBeth has come to the Berkshires to clear out his father's cabin and get it ready to put on the market now that the older Mac is living in an assisted living home. With his overseas adventures and risk of being shot yet again in the course of his work, the younger Mac has no need for a permanent residence. But when Win Mackland comes moseying by looking for inspiration for her character's latest storyline-”sex, sex, sex, and violence' Mac finds himself undeniably attracted to the passionate screenwriter.

This is a funny story that had me laughing out loud at how Win used Mac as her personal muse, and the steamy sex scenes didn't bother me either!

RENO'S CHANCE by Lora Leigh



Raven McIntire has spent years fantasizing over Reno Chavez, her brother's best friend. She's wanted him for what seems like forever, but even though she's sure she could have him, she hasn't allowed herself to take the chance on loving him. Reno is a Navy SEAL, and his dangerous job prohibits Raven from acting on her desire. Unable to risk her heart on a man who could die in the line of duty, she comforts herself with her daydreams and thoughts of what-if.

Reno has always considered Raven to be his woman. At first, she was too young for him, being only seventeen when he first met her. But Raven is a grown woman now, and he knows that she desires him. He's determined to prove to her that the passion they could create together is worth anything, and that risk of losing someone you love isn't enough of a reason to deny yourself love.

A short, sassy, and extremely sexy story, this is a trip into learning to love despite the risks involved.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jennifer Wardrip

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