Honor Thyself
By Dottie
May 5, 2008 - 5:52:50 PM

Carole, a world renowned movie star, is taking a break from making movies.  She has returned to Paris where she lived at one time for two and a half years.  In the process of writing a book, Carole hopes that by returning to Paris she may find herself and find the inspiration she needs to finish the book. On her first afternoon in Paris, as her taxicab heads into a tunnel during rush hour traffic, an explosion from a terrorist’s bomb sends her to the hospital barely clinging to life.  In a coma due to a severe head trauma and with no identification on her, she is listed as Jane Doe. 

Her family and friends start asking questions almost two weeks later when she does not answer her phone.  Even those at the Ritz where she was staying are concerned.  They are shocked when they discover her condition.  Flying to Paris immediately, her ex-husband, their children and her assistant keep vigil at her bedside.  However, there is also someone else who visits when no one is around – a man who is still in love with her.


As her family is starting to lose hope, Carole miraculously regains consciousness though she still has no memory.  Her mind is a clean slate.  As Carole starts making sense of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle her life has become, she realizes she has been given a second chance.  She has a chance to mend matters from the past with her loved ones – a chance to live a life that will honor others while being true to herself - giving meaning to the words HONOR THYSELF.


HONOR THYSELF is a poignant, emotionally riveting novel.  Watching the dynamics of the family as they try to comfort each other and cling to the hope that this woman they all love will be returned to them as they once knew her will keep the reader turning the pages and perhaps thinking of their own loved ones.  It is a book that will make the reader stop, think and count their blessings.  In this book Danielle Steel proves once again why she is such a beloved author.  I highly recommend HONOR THYSELF.

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