Pantasia - Hook, Wine and Tinker
By Jennifer A.
Mar 2, 2004 - 7:24:00 PM

Gwyn Verde is preparing a romantic evening for her boy friend, Peter, with the hope that it will add a spark that is missing from their sex life.  A delicious dinner and a sexy dress is just the beginning of what she has in store for him.  Not only is Peter oblivious to his good looks, he is also clueless to Gwyn's needs in the bedroom. He doesn't lack sexual stamina, just the sensitivity of a woman's needs.  Gwyn hopes that the evening she has planned will be the beginning of a new start for them. 

When Peter arrives he is holding two plastic garment bags and Gwyn thinks he has a romantic surprise for her.  She could not have been more wrong.  Not only does he not satisfy her in bed, he is unappreciative of the meal she has cooked.  He then shows her what is in the bags.  He has been invited to a costume party being held on his boss's yacht and Peter wants them to attend dressed as Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.  Gwen is not comfortable with the skimpy costume he has chosen, but after he pleads and begs, he convinces her to wear it anyway.  She tries it on and Peter is instantly aroused at the site of her.  After another failed quickie in the bedroom, Peter rushes off to spend the evening with his friends and Gwyn is left at home to pleasure herself as usual.


Dominic Laredo is a wealthy playboy and the owner of Fantasia Resorts, a place where fantasies were guaranteed.  He has become a very successful businessman, with one exception.  The only fantasy he has not been able to guarantee is his own. He has been waiting all his life for a woman who would share the same sexual fantasies that he has dreamed about it.  Anticipating the party he was about to host, his every instinct tells him that he will find his fantasy woman there.  


Dressed as Captain Hook, Dominic spies the sexy Gwyn dressed as Tinker Bell and he knows that fate has intervened.  Even though she is there with someone else, he is determined to spend the night with the woman of his dreams.  After introducing himself, he persuades Gwyn to join him in his cabin where he seduces her with his treasure chest of toys.  The next morning Dominic knows that Gwyn is the woman he has been searching for but can he convince her that the fantasy does not have to end?


Mardi Ballou writes a passionate and sensual tale about a man and a woman who seek to have all of their sexual fantasies come true.  Gwyn has never been sexually fulfilled and with the use of role-playing, mild bondage and sex toys, Dominic is the man who satisfies her. The amazing chemistry between the characters, combined with the intriguing storyline made for a very hot and arousing read. I found HOOK, WINE AND TINKER to be an exciting and erotic tale that is sure to entertain the reader until the very end.

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