By Raven Jackman
Aug 1, 2005 - 10:24:00 AM

It's Saturday, a no workday, so for Tania Pelligrini it' a great day! She has decided to spend her day off from work doing two things: shopping and man hunting. While her bobs, battery operated boyfriends, have kept her company scratching her itch for the last year she has decided to end her "me" time and find a man to get lucky with.  Dressed in skintight leather pants, spiked stilettos and a bosom popping stretch t-shirt she is determined not to fail. Her goal seems to be within her grasp when she locks eyes with a sexy stranger at a local cafe. Could this be the man she has been hunting for?

Jim Delaney's day may just turn out to be better then he thought. He has just caught sight of one hot lady, of the night he assumes, and spending some time and money to get the sexual gratification he desires could definitely be worked into his plans for the day. After meeting and lunching with Tania he escorts her home and then he does what most people do when they assume something, yep, he starts braying with the best of them. After being promptly left at the doorway he finds himself with an even more complicated problem. How does he find a way to apologize for one of the most embarrassing things he has ever asked and how can he redeem himself in the eyes of the woman he thinks may turn out to be the one?


My first thought after finishing HOOKED by Diana Hunter is this book is the perfect summer read. With a light humorous storyline that flows fast while reading this newest tale of mistaken identity is perfect for an afternoon by the pool. But be warned, even though you may be giggling thru the afternoon don't take this story lightly, the heat between Tania and Jim is definitely squirm worthy and may cause numerous dives into the deep end by the time you are through. I am so happy to say that Ms. Hunter has never disappointed me in the past with any of her books and HOOKED is no exception; it will definitely be added to my ebook reader must keep list.

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