Hooker to Housewife
By Contessa
Apr 1, 2007 - 5:16:00 PM

Meet Chantal Morgan

Without a doubt, Chantal knew that she was a beautiful woman with a sexy body to die for that all men craved and other women envied.  Growing up poor, Chantal was determined to live in a life of luxury.  So, after graduating from high school, Chantal packed her bags and headed for New York.  After two years of heavy persuasion and using her best asset – sex - Chantal was able to sink her claws into a hot relationship with the most power man in the music industry, Andre Jackson.  At first, Chantal was very happy; however, after five years and a daughter between them, Chantal was tired of being just Andre’s chick.  She wanted to be his wife and she was willing to go to any lengths to make that happen.  But, Andre had other ideas and her name was Tyler Blake.


Meet Tyler Blake

Tyler had finally made her dream of becoming a famous movie star a reality.  With a handsome man by her side to satisfy her sexual appetite, who could ask for any more?  But, there was just one problem – her man was a husband to someone else.  This was one relationship that Tyler knew should never have happened; however, she couldn’t help herself.  If that wasn’t enough on her already full plate, somehow without realizing how it happened, Tyler fell in love with the leading man in her latest movie – Andre Jackson.  And, to add more heat to the fire, Andre’s longtime girlfriend, Chantal refused to give up Andre without a fight.  Ugh!


Which woman will win Andre’s heart?


Readers, hold on to her hats because you are about to be taken on a wild, twisting, mind-bending rollercoaster of a ride.  HOOKER TO HOUSEWIFE is jam-packed with so much drama.  From start to finish, this novel will you gasping for your breath, stomping your feet with frustration and screaming I can’t believe that just happened.  I was totally blown away by this thrilling story!  HOOKER TO HOUSEWIFE is definitely not for the faint of heart. However, if you are looking for a raw, edgy, suspenseful type of novel, then look no further because you will not be disappointed with this super read.

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