Hope Flames
By Sarah W
Jan 1, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

Emma Burnett is back in her hometown of Hope with dreams on the horizon. She purchased a local veterinary practice and is ready to open. Emma loves animals and is a great veterinarian. She wants to make a mark in her small town. The clinic gets off to a great start and Emma feels thankful for the local citizens who have welcomed her back. She has no plans to get involved with anyone, however. Emma wants to keep her focus on her career. Although, her single status doesn’t stop her from helping local police officer, Luke McCormack, and his police dog, Boomer, when needed. But when it comes to dating him, well that is a definite no. Emma has a bad history with men and she does not want to relive it, even if Luke does seem like a gentleman.

Luke wishes that Emma said yes when he asked her out, but he is happy enough to be her friend. Boomer has taken to Emma and her two dogs, very happily, so there is no reason they should avoid each other. However, the heart has a way of becoming involved, even when both parties least expect it.

HOPE FLAMES is the beginning of a new series from phenomenal author, Jaci Burton. Readers know she is a sensual writer and that definitely holds true in this book. However, there is a sweetness and closeness amongst the small town citizens that gives this story something new and exciting. But don't worry, it is still a Jaci Burton book and Luke is definitely one sexy cop! I liked Emma so much. Her commitment to animals, and to the humans caring for them, is genuine and enjoyable. She is incredibly intelligent and I liked getting an inside look at how a veterinary practice is run. Jaci Burton definitely does not skimp on her research. Emma and her fabulous dogs, Daisy and Annie, are a heartwarming trio. There is quite a bit of suspense in this book too as Emma suffers a break-in at her practice and Luke is on the case. This adds a little bit more of a spark to the story.

This is yet another pleasing and charming story from Jaci Burton. I love experiencing Jaci Burton’s growth as an author and HOPE FLAMES, as an introduction to her new HOPE series, seems like a great change of pace.  Plenty of spark but with just enough small town appeal to gain her new readers and, of course, please her current fans. HOPE FLAMES is a very promising new series. The combination of friendly dogs, a sexy cop and a well-written female protagonist makes this novel a fast read that leaves a great impression.

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