Hopeless Hearts

Author: Joan Joyce Massa

Publisher: Titan Press

Release Date: January 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: Ebook

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Tatiana Branigan has been a victim for ten years. Ten long years in which she has been paying for a wrong supposedly committed against her husband Von.  Von threw her out of their home because he thought she betrayed him with his brother.  Von has no idea the agony and harm that has befallen Tatiana but he is getting ready to find out all the sordid details.  Tatiana can only hope that he will allow her enough time to recover before he throws her out of his life once more. 

Von Branigan knows that a phone call in the middle of the night usually means rotten news.  His instincts are correct but the information he is given throws him for a loop and he automatically agrees to help his estranged wife.  Still in love with his her, Von is embarrassed and disheartened to find the shell of the lovely woman she used to be so long ago.  Mortified at his lack of empathy ten years ago, Von vows that Tatiana's stalker won't touch her ever again as long as she is with him.

Von and Tatiana both must learn to trust each other once again. Tatiana's stalker is on a rampage and he will settle for nothing less but her death.

HOPELESS HEARTS by Joan Joyce Massa was totally unlike anything I have ever read from this author.  Suspenseful and heart wrenching, I anxiously watched the plot unfold and saw the valiant efforts of the hero to atone for his past mistakes.  I thought Ms. Massa portrayed her victim realistically and I could see the anguish that Tatiana felt.  HOPELESS HEARTS kept me reading and on the edge of my seat.  I thought it just an all around good read!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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