By Christina
Jun 16, 2009 - 2:01:11 PM

Dr. Jody Williams is waiting for his shift to end when a new patient is brought in by ambulance to his section of the emergency room. Although his shift is over in ten minutes Jody forces himself to get back to work. When he enters the cubicle he is faced with one of the most fascinating men he has ever seen.

Clark Stevens is a rising football star. In his last year of college he is guaranteed to be drafted by the NFL. Clark has always been attracted to men; however he has never acted on his feelings and desires. If anyone discovers the truth not only would his father kill him but Clark could loose his shot at a professional football career. The handsome young doctor immediately catches his attention and even though he knows it could be dangerous he can’t help but flirt with him.


Jody notices that Clark is flirting with him but he knows that nothing can ever come of their mutual attraction. When he agrees to go out to dinner with Clark it ends in disaster and he is determined never to see Clark again. However, his determination only lasts until he discovers Clark is failing his English Class and might not get to play. Jody offers to tutor him because Clark needs him and Jody finds that he can’t turn him away.


Mickie B. Ashling has written an absorbing and tender contemporary romance novel. I sympathized with Clark a great deal. His family is often abusive toward him and his father controls ever aspect of his life. As a result Clark believes that his only worth is as a football player. Clark’s family definitely provoked an emotional response for me. I was angered but I was also saddened that Clark’s parents couldn’t be open minded enough really see their son. Their interaction with the heroes adds tension to the story.

I really enjoyed the way that Jody helps Clark to realize his potential and his self-worth. These two heroes really compliment one another. I don’t usually read romances that center around sports but I was pleasantly surprised with HORIZONS and I found myself intrigued and pleased by the ending. This is a satisfying read.


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