Hosea's Bride
By Sherri Myers
Jun 18, 2004 - 10:36:00 AM

Gelina was only twelve when her mother and stepfather forced her into prostitution to pay for their drug habit. They later sold her to their supplier, Tony, who threatened her life if she ever tried to run away. Desperate to escape Tony's clutches, Gelina still decided to run away. With Tony in hot pursuit, Gelina found herself ducking into a church. The pastor invited her in to the service, and in an attempt to hide from her pursuer, Gelina slipped into a pew where the message being preached touched her heart. She walked down the aisle and asked for God's forgiveness. Gelina then left the church a new woman and determined never to return to her old life of prostitution.

Six years later, Angela Warren, once known as Gelina on the street, has moved to Harmony, Colorado and continues to serve God. When a new pastor comes to Harmony to serve in her church, Angela is horrified to discover he is the same pastor who led her to Christ the night of her escape from Tony. In a vain attempt to keep her secret hidden, she continually tries to avoid Pastor Hosea Stevens, feeling sure he will disclose her secret to everyone. But does Hosea even remember who she is? How long will Angela be able to avoid him?  


Pastor Hosea Stevens recognizes the prostitute he had known as Gelina when he meets Angela Warren in Harmony, but decides not to make the fact known so as not to upset her. Realizing she has told no one her secret, he keeps it to himself and treats her as if he doesn't know. He tries to get closer to her as he begins having continuous thoughts of her, but she resists his attempts at romance. Can Hosea convince Angela her past has truly been forgiven so he can gain her trust...and her love?  


This debut novel from Dorothy Clark is one that will keep you turning page after page until you all-too-soon reach the end. HOSEA'S BRIDE is the story of a young prostitute forced to do something she wants no part of and finally escapes from. The forgiveness and love she finds when she becomes a Christian is truly inspiring. With a former prostitute as the heroine, this book is somewhat different than many Christian romances, but is also a story of God's love and forgiveness. I enjoyed this book very much and highly recommend it to lovers of Christian romance.

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