Hostile Takeover

Author: Kate Willoughby

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Release Date: April 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Fiona Sheridan is instantly attracted to her stepfather’s business associate.  In an impulsive moment, she decides to harmlessly flirt with him and see how far things progress.  She is certainly not anticipating the dominance that radiates from Rockwell from the first moment they meet, and Fiona finds herself agreeing to be Rockwell’s submissive for two weeks. 

Rockwell has no intentions of making a business arrangement with Fiona’s stepfather.  However, when the fiery beauty agrees to submit to him for two weeks, Rockwell decides to go ahead with his plans and offers Fiona the chance of a lifetime.  Her acceptance releases Rockwell’s dominance and he revels in every minute of her surrender.


Fiona and Rockwell begin a journey that takes them to places neither thought they would visit.  Fiona falls in love with her master, and in turn, her master loves her.  There is a dark cloud on their horizon, however, and it is Fiona’s stepfather who seems to feel more than just fatherly love for Fiona.


HOSTILE TAKEOVER is what D/s is all about and I loved every word of this book.  Rockwell knew what he wanted, who he wanted, and when he wanted it.  His sheer determination to possess Fiona made me shiver.  Fiona’s characterization was just as bold.  She was a virginal temptress – and that oxymoron was what drew me to her as a character.  It also worked for Rockwell as readers will discover on their own. 


HOSTILE TAKEOVER is decadent, dominant, and truly a wonderful BDSM novel.  I couldn’t put it down and lovers of this genre won’t be able to either.  Kate Willoughby has a winner on her hands as far as I am concerned! 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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