Hot August Nights

Author: Evelyn Starr

Publisher: eXtasy books

Release Date: July 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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Bax Dixon is trying getting his life back together after being accused of embezzling money and killing his boss, Mary Rose O'Grady, at Collegiate Construction. He is working at the only job he could get, since the jury set him free for lack of evidence, which is as a handyman for Mrs. Crandall, the local do-gooder. 

Natania 'Tannie' Hogan is desperate to find her sister, who has married what Tannie considers a no good con man, and has disappeared. She and Betsy share the same trait - they both have terrible taste in men. Betsy always goes for the slick, ingratiating kind who promises everything and gives nothing but bruises and mounting debts. Tannie always seems to fall for felons. One hint a man's been in jail for something serious, and bam - she'll drop down and invite him to plunder and pillage. She feels she has a warped Girl Scout mentality; she always wants to be prepared, so she wears short mini-skirts and no underwear. This is her Catholic guilt rebellion from an alcoholic, religion-ranting mother, who was an expert at instilling guilt and shame on her daughters.

Tannie finds Bax; and stakes out his place when he refuses to cooperate and help her find her sister's husband, who worked for Bax at Colligate Construction. Bax is in no mood for a visit down memory lane about the construction company that resulted in his arrest and the horrors he endured in prison. He just wants this nosey, albeit, extremely sexy, reporter gone, even though he does find that he is attracted to her as he hasn't been to another woman since his release from jail. Tannie is totally fascinated and attracted to this gorgeous man who has a real air of bad boy about him. And we know Tannie can't resist bad boys!

What follows is one incredibly HOT story with an equally fascinating story line, which pulls you into this story swiftly and completely. The characters have great depth, as each one has their own grief and pain they must deal with to become whole again.  HOT AUGUST NIGHTS is a reading pleasure for all who love a titillating, engaging adventure of love, and unleashed passion, with a suspenseful story of mystery and intrigue.

Evelyn Starr has written a most enjoyable book and I will look forward to her next work.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sandra Tibbetts

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