Hot Date
By Dottie
Jun 1, 2008 - 2:01:39 PM

Grace Lamb is returning home, determined to make a fresh start on life.  Having been away for nearly ten years, she is currently divorcing the husband she never should have married.  Though she loves him as a friend, she was never “in love” with him.  Returning home with everything she owns crammed into the back of a borrowed VW bus, Grace is determined to change her reputation of being impulsive and reckless. 

Nick Griffin, a small town police officer, is Grace’s brother Tommy’s best friend.  Nick’s father walked out on his family when Nick was twelve, leaving the young boy to assume the role of man of the house.  Over the years, Nick has become accustomed to taking care of everyone else and that includes Grace.  Now that his sisters are married, he is looking into a job in law enforcement in a larger city which should be more exciting than the small town in which he grew up.  However, when Grace rolls into town, Nick cannot believe how well she grew up and puts off telling her about the job offer.


Things could not get off to a worse start for Grace.  Just as she gets into town, she misses a stop sign and crashes into a police car driven by none other than Nick Griffin, her old tormentor.  Though he was always getting her out of trouble, past experience tells her there is going to be a lecture.  The last thing she expects to notice is how good he looks.  In addition, there is something new - an attraction between them that was not there before.  Temporarily staying with her old friend Toby until she can figure out what type of business she wants to get into and where she wants to live, Grace manages to get into quite a few mishaps.  Along the way, she tries to help Toby with his antique shop and his love life as she and Nick come to terms with the new feelings developing between them.  Will Nick be able to keep her out of trouble and still let her believe she is doing it on her own?  Will he take the job out of town?  On the other hand, does Grace bring to town all the excitement he can handle?


Hot and Hilarious!!  HOT DATE is filled with laugh-out-loud madcap adventures, sensual encounters, romance galore and irresistible characters.  As Nick and Grace butt heads, they can’t keep their hands off each other and they learn a lot about themselves as well as each other.  Five Blue Ribbons!!  HOT DATE has definitely found a place on my ‘keeper’ shelf.  Ms. Amy Garvey is truly unique.  Who else would think of selling antique sex toys to the mafia? 


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