Hot Finish
By Sarah W
Aug 1, 2010 - 5:24:47 PM

Suzanne “Suz” Jefferson has been divorced for two years now and is jump-starting her career back into the wedding planning business. Her first client, Nikki Borden, is anything but easy to work with due to all her demands. But hey, you have to pay the bills somehow right? The situation gets more complicated when Suz finds out that Ryder Jefferson, her ex-husband, is the best man in Nikki’s wedding. And when he delivers a package of papers to her, she discovers that there really is no ex in ex-husband because they are still married!

Ryder is secretly thrilled that they are still married. He has never really gotten over Suz or their marriage, even though he never truly understood how it all fell apart. But Suz wants to press forward with the divorce and he reluctantly agrees. However, that does not mean they can deny the heat that still lingers between them and when push comes to shove, attraction takes over. But will a renewed passion between them mean they can truly try being married again? Is Suz willing to risk her heart on Ryder one more time?

HOT FINISH is the new book in Erin McCarthy’s fast track series and it is a blazing hot read! Suzanne and Ryder have been baiting each other and battling sexual tension for the past two books and it certainly explodes in passion! Unfortunately, they have a long way to go to work on the communication front. Ryder is up to the challenge and Suz is trying to get there. She is just really, truly afraid of putting herself out there again and does not know if she will ever be able to get past that.

One thing I can say for sure is that neither of these characters lack courage and so, they take chances that are small at first but grow as their trust redevelops. I really enjoyed how the sizzling sex was balanced against some better communication, even if it was slow at first. I was rooting for these two from the very beginning and to see them finally acknowledge their feelings again was truly special.

HOT FINISH builds the tension up delightfully then pulls a fast one on its main characters leading to a tense but climactic race to true love. Erin McCarthy knows how to dig into the heart of her characters and it shows. Ryder’s devotion is adorable and Suz’s mistrust is justified. Sensual and sexy, HOT FINISH sends sizzle up the spine—it is that wonderful!

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