Hot For Him
By Sarah W
May 1, 2007 - 2:24:00 PM

Claudia Dostis has to work hard as producer of the popular soap opera Ocean Boulevard. Being a woman, it is much harder for her to get the respect she deserves in the industry. But winning the best special feature award at the People’s Vote Award and beating out her top rival, Heartlands producer, Leandro Mandalor, certainly makes her feel like her hard work is paying off. Now if only she was not attracted to the charming and charismatic Leandro. That is not something she wants to deal with.

After a short-lived marriage and divorce, Leandro is on the hunt for a new woman, someone that will stick with him through thick and thin, who wants the houseful of children he longs for, and for someone who is decidedly not a career woman. Why, then, is he so attracted to Claudia? She is definitely a career woman, a very successful one, much like his ex-wife. But something about her gets to him. She is sassy, witty, and has a body that definitely makes his blood heat. Neither can deny the attraction any longer and a hot night of sin and sensuality ensues. But will it be enough, especially when Leandro is starting to realize that Claudia may just be the woman his heart has been searching for?


HOT FOR HIM concludes Sarah Mayberry’s Secret Lives of Daytime Divas series. Claudia and Leandro may be rivals, but the simmering sense of unity between them cannot be erased no matter how much they would like to feel otherwise. Both have some baggage to take to the table, but Claudia’s past and her present certainly prove to be excellent motivations as to why she wants to avoid love. However, a small part of her cannot let her chance with Leandro disappear either. These fierce characters take control of their desire, even as Claudia attempts to hold back her personal experiences. Leandro is definitely a sexy hero. He wants Claudia’s heart and is not afraid to go the distance to win it. Sarah Mayberry impresses and captivates with this heartrending romance. Leandro and Claudia have a tough road ahead of them, but they also have some incredible moments in which to fall in love.

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