Hot For Santa
By Cheryl McInnis
Jan 31, 2012 - 4:51:45 AM

Amy Finnegan has been crushing on her friend and coworker, Cole Bradshaw, for quite some time. When Cole breaks up with a long-term girlfriend and asks Amy to help him with a charity project, she agrees. Playing an elf to Cole’s Santa every weekend since Thanksgiving makes Amy’s crush so much more. But despite the numerous hints she has been throwing at him, Cole seems to be oblivious to the fact that Amy would like to be more than just friends.

Little does Amy know that Cole is not only aware of her feelings for him, but that he returns them in a big way. Cole wonders if their friendship could possibly turn into something much more, and he makes plans for Christmas Eve that will show Amy exactly what has been missing in their relationship all these years.

HOT FOR SANTA is certainly aptly named, for this story is hot, hot, hot! Amy and Cole’s chemistry is combustible, and the love scenes are very, very erotic as Cole shows Amy just how Santa treats naughty girls. Cole and Amy also have very tangible feelings toward each other, and I definitely got the sense that it wouldn’t take long for them to fall deeply in love and realize that they belong together forever. HOT FOR SANTA is a quick, spicy read that is perfect to warm up a cold night.

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