Hot For Teacher
By Dee Herga
Dec 1, 2004 - 2:39:00 AM

Ten years ago, Paige Gillette was crazily in love and lust with her English teacher and assistant track coach Vincent (Vince) Martinelli. Like all the girls in her class, she considered Vince the 'Italian Stallion'. The sinful fantasies that she had about him were numerous and whenever she saw him, she longed to fall into bed with him. After all, what woman in her right mind would not want a hot, dark stud, a perfect man with a perfectly toned body? Though Paige was totally smitten, she never made a move on Vince, not even when, once, she saw him naked in the shower after following him into the boy's locker room. She was afraid that he would reject her. Moreover, an affair with the teacher, she thought, was never considered proper.

Now after ten years, Paige has not yet found the right man. Any man approaching her has a tough time as she compares each and every one with Vince. The wild fantasies she had about him are now circulating as erotic novellas. She is a notorious author of the pleasures of the boudoir. Yet she cannot get rid of the obsession. When she receives the invitation to her ten-year high school reunion and sees Vince's name in the guest list, she knows she has to attend it. It is the perfect opportunity for luring Vince to her bed and overcome her lust once and for all. But will Vince remember her? What will be his reaction if he comes to know he is the basis for the male characters in her books?

HOT FOR TEACHER is hotter than hot and sexier than sexy. The whole book is a rich treasure-trove of passion, lust and wicked fantasies. Paige as the determined woman going after her destiny brings about feelings of admiration in the readers. Vince is a man to die for, a man who any woman would love to capture for herself. The sex is wild and the fantasies wilder. All the credit goes to the magical words so lovingly created by Paris Dixon. Her words describe everything from passion to fear precisely and with great impact. Her words can bring out a sigh from you, keep you curious and also make you long for cool air since you feel so hot! Also, Paige's friend Blythe is such a naughty supporting character that I hope Paris comes up with a book on her. If you ever had a crush on your teacher, then don't miss this book! Find out how it is to be really HOT FOR TEACHER!

This title is available with several other stories written by Paris Dixon in the PRINT title SAVANNAH STEAM

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