Destination Pleasure – Hot Highland Fling
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 1, 2009 - 8:33:23 AM

Ailsa Jackson may be in the Scottish Highlands to interview an American CEO who inherited lands and a title, but her mind is on other things – like… just what does a Scotsman wear under his kilt?  While she normally dates suit and tie executives she’s determined to fulfill her sexual fantasies with some braw lad – and with all the renovations occurring at Castle Claidhearnh Mor there’s certainly plenty of possibilities.

Colin Fitzgerald has studiously avoided the press over the past ten years but for Ailsa he’s made an exception.  Ailsa, however, is different and he practically jumped at the chance to have her visit his estate for an interview and research about Scotland.   Of course, his motives aren’t selfless.  Colin and Ailsa had attended the same college and she’d been the object of many of his fantasies.  Now he’s hopeful that he’ll get the opportunity to make those fantasies a reality.


Ten years ago he’d been a nerdy senior and she’d been a popular freshman so it’s not surprising that Ailsa doesn’t recognize Colin.  What is surprising is her flirtatious behavior when he greets her at her car.  Rather than correct her assumption that he’s merely an employee at the estate Colin plays along and soon finds himself embroiled in a HOT HIGHLAND FLING.   Ailsa’s under the assumption that she won’t meet Lord Brantham until much later, but how will she feel when she learns that Lord Brantham and Colin are one and the same?


Eliza March’s addition to Wilder Rose Press’s DESTINATION PLEASURE line allows readers to visit modern day Highland Scotland.  HOT HIGHLAND FLING delivers on those sinfully decadent fantasies many women have about Scotsmen and their kilts.  Fast paced, playful, full of hot romantic scenes and genuine emotional appeal this is one story that will have you ready for your own romantic adventure in an exotic location.


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