Hot In Here
By Angel
May 1, 2006 - 7:05:00 AM

Jenny Yuen is a journalist covering the firefighter pictorial calendar contest.  She sees Scott on stage and knows there is something about him she just can't resist.  When she gets to meet him in person, she knows he is unlike any man she has ever met.  Soon she's involved with Scott and he is planning to get serious.  She can't take him home to meet her parents, because they want her to marry someone from her own Asian race.  Can she stand up to her parents and make them see Scott the way she does?

Scott Jackman never thinks he will win one of the spots in the firefighter calendar contest, but he wins the spot of Mr. February.  The instant attraction between him and Jenny is enough to start a five-alarm fire.  Problem is he wants a serious relationship and she doesn't.  Jenny is hiding something and it's a stumbling block in their relationship.  Can Scott convince her that whatever stands in their way is not strong enough to keep them apart?

HOT IN HERE is a great novel with plenty of action to keep the reader interested.  Jenny goes after what she wants and makes no excuses for having an active love life.  Scott is a firefighter with plenty of sex-appeal to keep the readers panting for more.  The relationship between this couple is rocky and that keeps the plot rolling.  The love scenes are extremely sensual and not for the faint of heart.  Susan Lyons has created an awesome tale of two people from different backgrounds finding a way to make it work.  


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