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Author: Carly Phillips

Publisher: HQN Books

Release Date: June 1, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Sophie Jordan is a play by the rules kind of girl. She's highly organized and constantly tries to manage the lives of everybody around her. The recent article exposing sports agent Spencer Atkins as gay and his subsequent disappearance has thrown Sophie's neat orderly life into chaos. She's frantically trying to regain control of her own life, the sports players the Hot Zone represents, and in a race against time to find Spencer before the football draft.

Riley Nash has done everything he could think of to garner his birth father, Spencer Atkins's, approval. Not once has Spencer ever acknowledged Riley as his son. With Spencer sexual preference being exposed by the media, Riley's concerned that the reporters will dig into Spencer's past and uncover the truth about Riley's parentage which could be disastrous to his stepfather's political campaign. Riley's also concerned about what his teenage daughter's reaction to the news would be. Riley will just have to find Spencer before the media does and convince him to maintain his silence about their connection.

Spencer had been missing for three days before Sophie decided to try to track him down. She can fully understand and appreciate his need to hide out for a while but his clients are demanding to speak with him and the only way to appease everyone and get her own life back to semi-normalcy is to find Spencer. No way would Sophie ever have guessed that quarterback Riley Nash would show up in her office demanding to speak with Spencer. He's not even one of Spencer's clients and Sophie has no idea that Riley is Spencer's son until Riley told her. What started out as a stressful situation has suddenly gotten much worse because Sophie has been fighting her attraction to Riley for a very long time and looks like they'll be in close contact until Spencer is found. Thanks to Spencer's personal secretary, Sophie now has the address and telephone number of Spencer's eccentric sisters in Fort Lauderdale and nobody's answering the phone when she tries calling, Sophie intends to make the trip to speak with them in person. She wasn't counting on Riley accompanying her or the uncontrollable desire that flares to life between them.

HOT ITEM is the final book in Carly Phillips HOT ZONE trilogy. As with every book by Ms. Phillips I've read, this one promises to be a hit as well. In addition to the romance between the two main characters (which is highly entertaining to read), there is an interesting subplot involving Riley's relationship with his daughter as well as his ex-wife. I have to confess, I love how anal-retentive and highly controlled Sophie is, it's quite interesting to imagine her trying to function outside her normal constraints.

If you're like me and haven't read the first two books in the HOT ZONE series, don't worry, this book can stand alone but, after reading this one I will be buying both HOT NUMBER and HOT STUFF. I need to know how Sophie's sisters end up with the hunks they've married.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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