Hot Legs
By Nadine St. Denis
Jul 1, 2005 - 12:55:00 AM

Cassie Hill is swearing off men, they are nothing but cheating and conniving SOB's, if her ex-husband is anything to go by. All she has left of her ill-fated marriage is a stack of unpaid bills and an empty house. Needing money and sooner rather than later, she has no choice but to beg her boss for a raise. She is a damn fine curator at the museum where she works, and she deserves it almost as much as she needs it. What she gets instead is every girl's secret and wild fantasy come alive.


Everyone at the museum including her arrogant, chauvinistic boss is at a loss as to how a Rubens could go missing from right under their noses. Calling in the best bounty hunter in the business is the obvious solution. There is no one more qualified to find the missing painting than Bobby Serre, a renegade bounty hunter who not only has the sharpest eye for a fake, but also the widest shoulders and a charm that is almost lethal. Runway models in every European city are unable to resist that combination, will Cassie? Can a guy who is practically royalty, ever be truly interested in a small town woman who's not famous, or a jet-setter? Cassie's lack of self-esteem is about to undergo a major change, will her heart also?


Working as a team to get the Rubens returned is proving to be more difficult than either of them anticipated, the strong sexual pull they have towards each other is making it impossible to stay focused. This investigation is going to churn up a lot of emotions for everyone involved, can Cassie and Bobby handle the heat, or is it only getting started?

HOT LEGS by the best selling author Susan Johnson is a sassy, delicious, and fast-paced novel guaranteed to please! Round it out with a sexy and extremely scintillating romance and you have one fantastic read! Nobody should pass this one up!

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