Hot Lessons: Dungeon Heat

Author: Annie Windsor

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: June 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Blackmoor Downs is an English castle transplanted to John’s River, Tennessee. It even contains a dungeon, not your prisoner type dungeon, this one is a kinky dungeon, full of pleasurable secrets waiting to be unveiled by the Master and slave lucky enough to experience the sensual delights to be found there. Blackmoor Downs is owned by Reginald Blackmoor, an older, sophisticated, and very British man. He also happens to be Celia’s boss at John’s River College.

Celia Lambert is fascinated with Blackmoor Downs, not so much with the castle itself, but with the dungeon. She’s interested in bondage and discipline but total trust isn’t something she’s been able to achieve. She craves complete submission but she always panics and pulls herself back under control. Her current boyfriend, Alan, has taken her further than she’s ever allowed anybody to take her before but when it comes to that final surrender, she’s unable to commit. Alan Sparks is Celia’s current boyfriend as well as a co-worker at John’s River College. He’s growing frustrated with Celia’s inability to allow herself to lose control. Together they’ve experimented with bondage and they’re both ready for the next step, whatever that may be. Celia feels like they need guidance in order to proceed in their relationship but she isn’t comfortable with the idea of strangers or printed words as their only source of guidance either. While waiting in Reggie’s office, Alan fondles Celia to orgasm, much to her humiliation. It’s her boss’s office, and she knows better. So she’s stunned when she realizes he’s been there the entire time, not only that but he’s giving Alan pointers. Reggie is a Master and he’s willing to tutor them in the fine art of bondage and domination. This is what she’s wanted - a true Master to train her Master. Excited and nervous, Celia finds herself incredibly turned on by the prospect of finally achieving her darker desires. HOT LESSONS is unbelievably sexy and admittedly involves one of my deep, dark fantasies. I was immediately drawn into the story and practically sweated my way through each page. Celia is like many women, desiring more than just vanilla sex but afraid of losing herself in that final surrender. Alan is wonderfully dominant and truly cares for Celia’s well being. His seeking out an experienced Master endeared him to me. With wonderful characters, an amazing dungeon, and fascinating sex toys, Annie Windsor has created a fantastic story you’ll want to read over and over. Definitely a book worth reading! Watch for THROWBACK, the next book in Ms. Windsor’s DUNGEON HEAT series.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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