Hot Nights, Dark Desires
By Lacey
Jul 20, 2008 - 2:32:53 PM

The Art of Desire by Eden Bradley

Sophie has a fascination with tattoos to the point that they become an obsession.  The thought of ink permanently marking her skin is not only forbidden, but also arousing to her.  Therefore, when she meets the handsome owner of a tattoo parlor in the French Quarter of New Orleans, she allows him to talk her into making her fantasy a reality.  However, the impression Tristan makes is more than skin deep, it is something that lasts a lifetime.

THE ART OF DESIRE is a quick erotic read that will leave you breathless.  Ms. Eden Bradley weaves eroticism into an unconventional plot, bringing something fresh and new with Tristan and Sophie’s story.  I loved the reaction Tristan gave Sophie the moment they first met each other.

Shadow Play by Sydney Croft  

Brenna St. James has always made her living as a well-known, high paid supermodel.  However, when a ghost attaches itself to her and starts blurring her images, she is in desperate need to revive her career and cast out the paranormal being.  Hex is a photographer with a special gift and when he is called in to help Brenna, he can’t refuse.  This lovely supermodel promises him anything in return for his help to rid her of the ghost, and he intends to take her up on the offer.

This is my first story by Sidney Croft and I will not hesitate to say it won't be my last.  I enjoyed every aspect of SHADOW PLAY from the characters to the plot and quirky dialogue.  Brenna is an out-of-work supermodel, but she’s not the stereotypical kind.  Ms. Croft portrays her as a real person, with a real problem.  In addition, Hex, of course, is the sexy hero in all that entails.  This wonderful paranormal short story is sizzling hot!

Night Vision by Stephanie Tyler

Catie Lanford inherits a bar from an uncle who she barely knows and gets more than she bargained for.  The saloon-like business is full of roughnecks and brawlers who cause more trouble than they are worth.  Therefore, in an effort to makeover the bar with the intention to sell, Catie hires professional cooler Bat Kelly to whip the place in shape.  As a professional cooler, he remodels broken down bars for resale.  However, Bat brings more to the table than his ability to fix her failing business.  He brings pleasure unlike anything she has ever felt before, making it hard to walk away when the job is completed.

NIGHT VISION captures the reader from the very beginning and never lets them go.  Catie is an intelligent character who meets sexy Bat through business and ends up falling in love with him.  I like the chemistry between them, the intense raw passion that sizzles on the pages, not to mention the fact that Bat is smoking hot!

HOT NIGHTS, DARK DESIRES is a collection of short erotic stories from three very talented authors.  From page one, I was engrossed in the writing and didn’t want to put it down.  I definitely recommend this wonderful anthology!

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