Hot Nights in Ballymuir
By Brooke Wills
Mar 9, 2004 - 2:45:00 PM

Two years ago, chef Jenna Fahey moved from the US to Ballymuir, Ireland and moved into historical but rundown Muir House.  The first step towards renovating the once beautiful home was to open her first-class restaurant.  It has been a struggle but she has finally succeeded and is receiving raves from all over the countryside.  Soon she will be able to begin restoration on the rest of the property and open her bed and breakfast.

Devlin Gilvane was born in Ballymuir, but has long scorned his Irish roots to live in London.  He is a successful businessman moving up the corporate ladder. His latest assignment:  to find suitable property in Ireland to build a large resort.  For reasons unknown even to him, he is drawn back home.  He doesn't have to search long to discover that Muir House and its surrounding property are perfect for his plans.  All he has to do is close the deal with the property's prickly owner, and he can return to his fast life in his adopted home.

Jenna loves Muir House and Balleymuir as if they were her own.  She has worked way too hard to give them up without a fight, and fight she does with Devlin until she makes him appreciate the beauty of the land.  But it might be too late for Devlin to stop the wheels he has set in motion.

HOT NIGHTS IN BALLYMUIR is Dorien Kelly's latest installment of her Ireland trilogy.  Quite simply, it is wonderful.  Although Ballymuir is a fictional town, Ms. Kelly has described the setting so perfectly you feel as though you are there.  If you have been to County Kerry, you will yearn to return; and if you haven't traveled to Ireland, you will definitely put the destination on your wish list.  Besides the wonderful setting, the characters are well written, entertaining, and delightful.  And if that weren't enough, the story is filled with surprises that keep it moving along at a rapid pace.  This was a very enjoyable, very satisfying book.  Even though I had not read the first book in the series, THE LAST BRIDE IN BALLYMUIR, I had no trouble picking up HOT NIGHTS and getting right into the story.  Now that I have finished it, I am looking forward to reading the entire trilogy.

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