Hot Nights with a Playboy
By Sarah W
Jul 1, 2008 - 6:59:04 PM

Abby Weiss thinks she has finally found her big break as a stylist. She is working for Finesse magazine on a gorgeous photo shoot and it could be the shoot that sends her career into orbit. Only problem is, the photographer is none other than her best friend, and somewhat crush, Judd Calloway.

Judd and Abby have been friends since she was only seven years old. Over the years their friendship has grown, and even stood the test of time against a kiss that should not have happened, at least according to Judd. But now Judd and Abby are working together in the kind of steamy, sensual environment that makes already dangerous feelings become a bit hotter. Abby has always loved Judd, but she knows he will never settle down. Is she willing to settle for a fling?


Nicola Marsh sets the stage for a steamy read in HOT NIGHTS WITH A PLAYBOY. The tropical environment of the photo shoots helps to play on the emotions Abby and Judd are feeling as they work closely together. Both have tried to deny their chemistry but it is impossible when what they really want to do is the direct opposite. I loved the frank discussions of friendship and lust Judd and Abby shared. Complexities abound for them as they do not want to lose their friendship. At the same time, the reader is definitely rooting for them. Their bond is very strong but with Judd’s fears of relationships, of settling down and not traveling all over the world, it makes it difficult for Abby to trust in his avowals of love. HOT NIGHTS WITH A PLAYBOY is steamy but has several interesting character complexities that keep the story fresh.

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