Hot Prospect
By Missy Andrews
Jan 3, 2004 - 9:25:00 AM

Chicago policeman, Jake Calhoun, is going to join his two brothers at a mountain cabin for some fishing, some relaxing and what is the first vacation he has had in a very long time. That was the plan until he received a phone call from his dad. Now he is sitting on a park bench talking to his father who is dressed in a trench coat, dark glasses and hat looking like every spy in every bad spy movie ever made. His father tells him about a woman who is attempting to blackmail him and then all but demands he give up his vacation time to track her down for him. Jake really doesn’t want to do this, but knows that he will because he is a "stand-up guy" who always does the right thing. He discovers this woman is going to leave the next day on "THE EXPLORERS JOURNEY" and he knows that he must also be on that trip. When he attempts to purchase a ticket he finds out that the trip is completely booked but that Ms. Zoë Kidd wants to cancel. All he has to do is find her, purchase her ticket and his problems are solved. So he thinks.

Alone in her sweltering apartment on what should have been her wedding day, Zoë decides to see what the tarot cards say is in store for her future. Feeling more than a little dazed after bumping her head while looking for the cards, she drops them and finds herself holding the True Love card. As she stares unbelieving at the card she can’t help but wonder where this "true love" is and how and when she is going to meet him. Little does she know that she is not only going to meet him very soon, but she is also going to pretend to be his wife at a resort for newlyweds to help him find this mystery woman for whom he is searching.


This was an awesome story. Jake and Zoë are such polar opposites that I knew right from the beginning that they would create all kinds of interesting sparks between them. The sparks ignite from the minute they see each other and only burn brighter as the book progresses. I loved the way that the tension and anticipation built with every scene and almost felt sorry for Jake on more than one occasion, as he fights his attraction to Zoe. Ms. Kistler has snuck in a second mystery to solve in HOT PROSPECT, the first book of the True Blue Calhouns trilogy. This has definitely piqued my interest and I am even now watching my mailbox daily waiting for the second book in the series to arrive.

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